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Russian mail order bride women scams are rare
Mail Order Brides  A man truly has to be dysfunctional to fall prey to such fraud involving a dishonest Russian mail order bride, but unfortunately such men exist. Usually it unfolds this way. Men correspond with Russian mail order brides by the thousands. Let's say a man corresponds with a Russian mail order bride for some time. She seems wonderful and eventually he thinks he is in love with her. He decides to meet her in person. For some reason she will explain that he must meet her somewhere away from her city. Somewhere in another country, or the capital of her country, but not in the city where she lives. She will request that he Western Union money to her to cover her travel expenses. This scenario is simple. He sends her the money and it's the last time he hears from her.

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Russian mail order bride scams   To such gullible men only one thing must be said. Do not send money to a Russian mail order bride. Especially to a Russian mail order bride who asks for it! A man could purchase a woman's airline ticket directly from the airline and the woman can collect the ticket from the airline office in her country. The woman can only use the ticket as is and only the man can refund the ticket. If the woman insists that it will be much cheaper if she buys the ticket in Russia herself, or that the "visa agency" requires that travel arrangements be made through them, then you know that the woman is a scam artist.

A Russian mail order bride does not express feelings in letters
  No agency in Russia has any influence whatsoever with a foreign country's decision to issue a visa or airline ticket. Requests for money by a Russian mail order bride to obtain visas or tickets are definitely scams. If a Russian mail order bride writes you passionate letters before she has met you in person, beware. Russian brides generally do not express their feelings openly with words, both in letters and in person, and certainly not in English. They will, however, express their feelings non-verbally with physical affection. So, don't expect an honest woman to confess love after a few letters. It is just not in her sociological make up. It's not real!


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