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"We teach them to place the man on a pedestal," she says. However non-feminist it sounds, she says, in Russia "it's easier for a Russian woman to adapt. Men are extremely conservative." I am looking forward to meeting a man of deep culture, broad education, energetic, regarding himself as a highly moral person, who would like to make a true family based on the traditions of the Russian intelligentsia. About myself: Height 169 {about 5 feet 7}, 39 years old, energetic, work in a university. Absolutely provided for. 141009, passport No. XX111-IK 509121. As the videotape rolls, the international mail order bride matchmaker, Mrs. Lukyanova, cues a mail order bride client to speak into the microphone about her dream husband. Off-camera, she holds a Western "beat box" aloft: It provides background music to tug the heartstrings of wealthy, Western viewers -- a schmaltzy Russian folk tune with balalaikas and accordions. "I have big experience in television," Mrs. Lukyanova boasts. She is a medical-news reporter on Russian TV who, like many Muscovites these days, is dabbling in free enterprise.

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She certainly appears to have grasped the profit part of capitalism. She charges her mail order bride clients 280 rubles -- a month's wage. If their videotape snares a Western mate, the prospective bride will pay 1,000 rubles more. The husband will pay, too, in hard currency. While Mrs. Lukyanova has already accepted her mail order bride clients' payments up front, for reasons that are unclear, she refuses to disclose any details about how, or even whether, the Western end of the operation will work. But some in the West believe her video Valentines will find a warm reception in the post-Cold War world, where things Russian are becoming chic. Like Asian mail order brides sometimes advertised in New York newspapers, the Soviet women may appeal to some men as old-fashioned homebodies, happy to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. "There's a certain percentage {of U.S. males} who say they don't like American women because they're so business-oriented," explains Kurt Morrow, a franchisee of Los Angeles-based mail order bride dating service "Great Expectations," which boasts 80,000 members.









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