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Tucked away beneath the faded, peeling awning of the once-elegant Winthrop Hotel in downtown Tacoma, Vera Britson sells Russian collectibles that evoke a glorious fairy-tale past. On tiny black lacquer boxes, princes on snorting stallions gallop across the Russian steppes, while forlorn maidens gaze into the distance, perhaps waiting for one of those noble princes. But it's in the cluttered office in the back of the shop that Britson hopes to bring a little fairy-tale happiness to hundreds of 21st century Russian mail order bride women and American men. This is where Britson, 45, runs Women of Russia -- one of the Northwest's few, if not only, Russian mail order bride online businesses, though she prefers the term mail order bride "introduction service."

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Three fat binders on the native Russian's desk hold photos of mostly college-educated Russian women ranging in age from 21 to 60 years who -- if you believe their mail order bride personal bios -- want a simple life with an American man who is sober, considerate and there. To hear Britson tell it, a dependable car is easier to come by in Russia than a reliable husband. "I can't say this is every man, but it is most men," said Britson in a thick Russian accent. "For Russian women, this is very big problem." Britson -- a woman with arched, thinly penciled eyebrows and an orangish-red bob -- speaks from personal experience. She met her Tacoma husband, Joshua, through an online mail order bride dating service that linked Russian women with American men. The Britsons met in 1998 in her hometown of Tver. Because he spoke little Russian, Joshua Britson proposed about six months later using a hand-held computerized translator. He persuaded her to leave a good job as a school superintendent and fly with him to Tacoma. Now, Vera Britson says she wants to help others find mail order bride happiness in America.

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