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Some mail order bride marriages between American men and Russian women make sense, according to Harley Balzer, director of the Russian Area Studies Program at Georgetown University. Balzer said many Russian men do not consider Russian brides equal partners in marriage. "Even men I know who write about women's rights wouldn't get up from the dinner table to clear the dishes," he said. Balzer said the struggle of single Russian women has been a common theme of the most successful Russian movies of the last 20 years. "You've got this funny situation where the American man is looking for an unliberated woman, and the Russian woman is looking for a slightly more liberated man," he said. The second mail order bride wedding for the agency happened Friday, when Tom, who asked that his last name not be used, and Olga Mamonova took their vows. After a honeymoon in New Orleans, they will return to live in Tom's mobile home in Laurel, which is decorated with Redskins and Washington Senators trinkets. "I consider myself an average guy with a lot to give with his heart," said Tom, who hasn't missed a day of work for the telephone company in 16 years.

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He said he had been looking for a wife since he divorced 10 years ago. He tells the same story as the other men: Unlike Russian mail order brides American women are too interested in money, not interested enough in family. Tom is 40, and Olga is 21. While he's at work, she's at home reading "The Hobbit." She's reading it in English, with a Russian copy in her lap in case she gets stuck. Olga said she came to America because her mother was divorced twice, and she wanted something different. "I saw my future very well, and I decided I would not be like Russian women that work for their husbands," she said. Tom said people have asked him if he has doubts, if his Russian mail order bride might be using him simply as a ticket to America. "I know Olga now," he said, smiling and casting a long, loving gaze at Olga, perched on a La-Z-Boy. "She's not like that. She wouldn't do it. "Right?" he said to her. "Right? Right?"









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