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Shame of Aussie men's sex hunt Australian men from mental institutions were going to the Philippines in search of sex slaves and house maids, a federal parliamentary committee was told yesterday. The committee was told the men went to brothels and bars in the Philippines in search of mail order brides after reading how easy it was to bring home Filipino women. The chairman of the NSW Filipino Forum, Mr Jose Relunia, told the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Regulations in Canberra that even though a small number of Australian men tried to exploit Filipino women, it was degrading to the population to use the term mail order bride. During the second day of public hearings, the committee was also told that ethnic mail order brides in Australia on short term stays were being black-mailed with domestic violence by their partners to make them stay in unhappy relationships rather than face deportation. Mr Relunia told the committee the term mail order bride should be struck from the vocabulary.

Filipino mail order brides resent the term
"The Filipino community very strongly resents the stereotypes that have been portrayed that all Filipino women are exploited, mail order brides," Mr Relunia said. "There is no such thing as a mail order bride - the term belongs to the Middle Ages." Mr Relunia said Filipino mail order brides were on the whole well educated, prepared to accept the responsibilities of marriage and very cosmopolitan. "They are embarrassed by this stigma that has been attached to them by the publicity on mail order brides." Mr Relunia said it was true that there were cases of Australian men from psychiatric institutions who went to the Philippines seeking "sex slaves and house maids" after publicity about Filipino mail order brides. He said they went to bars and brothels seeking such women. Mr Relunia urged the Immigration Department to allow permanent residency to all visitors to Australia who marry here, and said de facto relationships should be excluded. The president of a body called the Non-English Speaking Background Women, Mrs Matina Mottee, said her group was concerned that mail order brides who tried to change their status after marrying in Australia or becoming involved in a de facto relationship were opting for domestic violence rather than returning home.









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