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MAIL ORDER BRIDES in literature
A mail order bride who traveled from Ireland to Oregon to marry an Army man, was rejected by the soldier. He had gone off on an assignment and discovered upon his return that while he was away, his future mail order brides wife had danced with other soldiers who were celebrating a birthday. "Hearts West" is a light-hearted account of mail order brides. The author enlivens the history with pictures of the mail order brides and reproductions of some of the ads. Unfortunately, she fictionalizes the narrative in spots. Taking such liberties isn't necessary and clouds the accuracy of the book. "Colorado Rascals, Scoundrels, and No Goods of Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Keystone, and Silverthorne," by Mary Ellen Gilliland (Alpenrose Press, $19.95) Not all mail order brides were dupes. Mary Ellen Gilliland tells of an old codger in Summit County who wrote a glowing ad describing himself. His future mail order bride and her two grown daughters arrived in Frisco ahead of the groom, checked out the man's reputation and found him to be a ne'er-do-well. When he came courting, the mail order bride chased him away with a club, while her daughters hit him with brooms.

Mail order brides adventures in historic west
Such unsavory characters are the stuff of Colorado legend, as Gilliland writes in this amusing book about robbers, prostitutes, libertines and others. C.A. Finding, a Breckenridge merchant was sued by a husband who was outraged to discover his mail order bride had had a year-long fling with Finding. It was one of numerous adulteries Finding engaged in with mail order brides, yet the old reprobate managed to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary. Some of the scoundrels were upstanding citizens. Breckenridge residents stole county records from nearby Parkville in an attempt to claim the county seat. They hid the records in the Silverthorn Hotel, operated by Agnes Silverthorn, the wife of a judge. When she caught the county clerk stuffing the records into a sack to be returned to Parkville, Agnes hid the sack and saved the county seat for Breck.









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