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SVETLANA, a Russian mail order bride, glides across the room in a vision of 28-year-old glory, perches carefully on a couch, flicks her long blonde hair, fixes her almondeyed gaze on the video camera and in near-flawless English introduces herself: an economics student, she is looking for a foreign husband and, if an Australian beau gets lucky, he may soon be able to introduce her to the family."I am easygoing and sporty," says Svetlana, smiling into the lens, her message to be transmitted into the lounge rooms of men she has never met, whose countries she can only imagine.Svetlana is among 4000 Russian mail order brides aged between 18 and 39 on the books of a mail order brides Marriage Agency, which is preparing a computer link-up with the Queensland-based firm meaning that for the first time Australian men will be able to select their Russian mail order brides using the latest technology.

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Same-day voice messaging, the Internet, psychological profiles, videos, even video conferencing will be available to lovelorn Aussie men.In the post-communist rush to escape the former Soviet Union, many Russian women have been quick to join international mail order brides introduction agencies, and have found themselves in the United States, Europe and Australia.Australians sponsored 80 Russian mail order brides visas and 95 Russian fiancee visas last financial year.While the figures do not detail how the couples met, they suggest that Russian mail order brides are still looking beyond their borders.Judged to be more family oriented and less "feminist" than their Western sisters, Russian women have been popular among foreign men, who claim they cannot find satisfaction among their native career-driven women. Computer mail order brides matching makes the procedure easier but, ironically, comes at a time when Russian women are getting harder to attract: Svetlana wants a husband but she is less desperate than some other foreign women and won't be taking just anybody.









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