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MAIL ORDER BRIDES want North American husbands
The mail order brides ad says 18-year-old Jeanette is fair, young and beautiful and, like many students her age, "very uncertain of so many things in life." Her present need, the ad continues, is to acquire North American penpals. But Jeanette isn't really looking for penpals. The young Filipino is advertising in a Canadian publication because she is looking for a Canadian husband - and a ticket to what she hopes will be a brighter future. Like many Asian mail order brides who dream of life in the West, Jeanette will likely become a mail order bride: She and the man who answers her ad will get to know each other through correspondence. They will sometimes be engaged before they even meet. A plane ticket will be purchased and they'll be married. A Toronto publication and a London, Ont. organization act as international mail order brides introduction services for Canadian men who want to meet Asian mail order brides. They match up to 80 couples a year, they say. The London agency receives requests from more than 800 Canadian men each year.

Filipino mail order brides send photos
Jeanette, whose picture shows her in a coquettish pose, sent her biography and photo to the publication after reading an advertisement in a Filipino paper. She will likely receive dozens of letters from Canadian men who are searching for an elusive, submissive woman to be their new wife, says David Anton, who publishes Companions And Friends Magazine, in which the ads appear. Or there's Elizabeth, 27. Her picture also appears in the publication along with her own description of herself, including her motto - "Love one and die for him." There is increasing demand for mail order brides like Elizabeth and Jeanette, says Anstey. "More and more men are interested in finding Asian mail order brides because they are fed up with liberated women and the feminist movement here," he says. "These are men who are looking for the kind of women who will walk behind them."









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