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MAIL Order Brides - the gap between rich and poor

Yes let's go to Ukraine. There are more mail order brides there who would be glad to kiss your a$$ just because you are from America and have those magic pieces of paper with American presidents in your pockets I even know one at this board.

The statement that Belarus is much poorer than others is a big "illusion" made by your press. Things there are not worse and in many ways are much better than in Ukraine and in many parts of Russia.

I haven't seen ANYONE kiss anyone's ass on this mail order brides board. I've seen quite a bit of backbiting and whatnot though. I'm getting used to it though, and I'm starting to enjoy a certain lady's nips at my ankles in a naughty way that I probably shouldn't.

On the subject of low tourism, this is a fact that I read in a Belarusian newspaper; only 64,000 tourists visited Belarus in 2004 (though it was an increase compared to 2003). This is infinitely less than neighboring countries, I don't rely solely on 'western media propaganda'.

On the subject of the nation being poorer, I was told by mail order brides who live in Minsk that an average salary for teachers is $150-200/month, for lawyers $300-350/month (plus a flat). To my knowledge the average salary of mail order brides is lower than in neighboring countries... for example, I was informed by a businessman in Moscow that the average salary for a secretary in Moscow is $600, in Kiev $300 and in Minsk $150 (I was told this last October).

Belarus IS less expensive to visit once you are there, though I am comparing Minsk with Kiev and Moscow (all cities that I have visited in the last 12 months). I make my statements based on my own experiences together with feedback from others that have visited these countries and mail order brides who live in these countries.

I believe the gap between rich and poor mail order brides in Belarus is one of the narrowest in the world going by the gini coefficient. I am guessing this is what you are alluding to Helen... BUT the economy is far worse off compared to it's neighbors. If you dispute this please tell me why you believe otherwise.









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