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Avoid the eye candy jaw dropping tendencies of most of us, and you may experience finding one of the wonderful mail order brides over there who, amazingly enough, is closer to your own age than a 20 something, with a much lower (long term) risk level than the 24 year old hottie. Think of all the ancillary issues involved here as well. Do you really want to have a child at 42 or older? If you do, then the younger mail order brides are more of a possibility. If not, you need to seriously think of this. I have dated some who indicated "No children, no problem", and after we were breaking up, the lady would say "You know, I really do want to have children." A strong motivating factor for many. Personally, I don't want to be putting a child through college while I am in my 60s. And, when I am 85, do I want to subject a young 65 year old woman to the requirements of taking care of someone who is in more medical needs? All sorts of things can happen, of course, and the roles reversed due to accidents or illness, but in general, that is what will happen. Still, the temptation is hard to overcome... IF you are planning your first trip to Kiev (wonderful city!), you will be immersed in a cultural shock that will be compounded by having young mail order brides of all ages profess that they are interested in you. (Don't believe all of it!) And don't get engaged on that first trip, as tempting as it may seem. Syrscuba, don't believe all you hear on this or other boards, or on the mail order brides dating agency profiles. Make up your own mind. No easy answers. Tread carefully. Learn from the mistakes of others. It is not a venture to be undertaken lightly. And, lastly, enjoy the journey.









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