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What is MailOrderBrides.com?

MailOrderBrides.com is your one-stop guide to finding and meeting genuine and quality mail order brides from all over the world. The purpose of the site is to facilitate international dating between men and women who are eager to get together for romance, friendship and marriage. MailOrderBrides.com hopes to achieve this goal by providing relevant information on mail order brides and links to legitimate international online matchmaking services.

There must be hundreds of mail order bride sites out there. How are you different from other mail order bride sites?

MailOrderBrides.com is a directory to finding mail order brides sites. MailOrderBrides.com is an online gateway to the community of reputable mail order bride sites. It is our policy to link to only trustworthy international online matchmaking services in order to protect you against scam and spam.

Unlike fly-by-night online dating sites and offshore marriage agencies, MailOrderBrides.com maintains a real, physical office in the U.S. Mail order bride sites are easy to set up. All a scammer needs are a post office box, an answering machine, and a Web designer. MailOrderBrides.com's purpose is to protect the integrity of the international online dating community and guarding against dubious business practices.

MailOrderBrides.com thrives on positive word-of-mouth from satisfied men and mail order brides who have used our site. We are determined to help both mail order brides and foreign men find each other without getting exploited.

The mail order brides on your site are so gorgeous! Are these ladies for real?

The ladies you see on MailOrderBrides.com affiliate sites are REAL. MailOrderBrides.com affiliate sites review each application thoroughly and have the chosen ladies personally drop by the offices of mail order brides sites for an informal interview. As much as possible, the mail order bride sites verify any doubtful information supplied by the ladies on their application forms before posting their photos and profiles.

Where do all these mail order brides come from?

Foreign women who participate on MailOrderBrides.com join international matchmaking sites come from all corners of the world. On these sites, you will find hundreds of beautiful, educated, down-to-earth women from Russia , Ukraine , Latin America , and Asia . These foreign women come from decent backgrounds and may work as doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, sales persons and secretaries, to name a few. Because most of these foreign women are well educated, they are more or less comfortable writing and speaking the English language.

How do these women find MailOrderBrides.com?

Foreign women get to know about MailOrderBrides.com through advertisements in the print media, the Internet and word of mouth. Women participate on mail order bride sites by agreeing to have their photos and profiles posted on the sites. The ladies do this voluntarily; they are never tricked or coerced into signing up.

Why would Western men want to marry foreign brides?

Many Western men have grown tired of the mind games and gender politics that have taken the sincerity and fun out of the Western dating scene. They perceive Western women to be increasingly difficult to satisfy because of their unrealistic expectations of men and relationships. Many Western men say all they want is a loving, caring, family-oriented woman to come home to at the end of a grueling working day. Having grown up in societies that foster traditional family values, foreign brides perform their roles as nurturers and homemakers with pride. Foreign brides take their duties as wives and mothers seriously. This is the reason why foreign brides make the perfect life partner to Western men who are looking for a wife who will appreciate, love and care for them.

Why do foreign brides look for Western husbands?

Foreign brides only want to find a good husband. It does not matter to them whether the prospective husband is a Western man or someone from their own country. Unfortunately, many non-Western men have a bad track record relating to their women. A substantial number of non-Western men still treat women as if they were their property and cheat on them constantly. Foreign brides complain about men from their own country as being rude, unappreciative, irresponsible, and unfaithful. On the other hand, foreign brides perceive Western men as honest, responsible, considerate, and hard working. If you read the profiles of these foreign brides, you will notice that they do not really ask for much in their prospective husband. They only want someone with a stable job, is sincere, honest, and responsible. Age difference is hardly an issue for them. Foreign brides consider age as a sign of maturity and wisdom, and many of them would not think twice about marrying a man who is up to 20 years older than they are.

Are these foreign brides simply looking for an easy way out of their country?

No, they are simply seeking a good man. If they could find a gentle, loving, decent man in their own country, then there would be no demand for international dating services. But as things stand, the number of foreign brides participating in mail order bride sites continues to grow. This is because good men are hard to find in foreign brides' own countries. Non-Western men are known to treat women very poorly and are not interested in women as people. Foreign brides only want a secure and happy future and they believe that Western men are capable of providing that.

Won't these foreign brides ditch their Western husbands as soon as they arrive in this country?

No! A foreign bride will be permitted to stay in the U.S. only if she remains married to the man who sponsored her entry into the U.S. for two years. And, it is unheard of for a foreign bride to play such a game for two years. If she runs off, she will be in violation of the visa and will permanently lose status and be deported. Foreign brides all understand this and are not going to accept a fiancee visa invitation if they don't think the man is a viable candidate for marriage in the first place.


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